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One day. One day I will replay and save you all! :’(
*never going to recover from this*

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Too many people……dead…….. T.T

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tumblr is currently a place for people not at comic-con to sit and wait for pictures of comic-con to be posted. then cry about how we are not at comic-con.  

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“…even two old friends deciding to get as close as humanly possible could still be worlds apart.” -Saga #21

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Suddenly feel like drawing Venus upset over Rochelle and her boyf. Reaching out like “I thought we had something special…”
I’m not sure where that came from.

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who needs a social life when you have followers who don’t talk to you and you run a blog no one cares about

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Ever After High Pics Coming out of #SDCC


Like the Monster High thread, I am going to make a running post of Ever After High Dolls and News here.

First off Cerise Wolf the SDCC Exclusive Doll (Daughter of the Big Bad Wolf)

(Image from Ever After High Dolls on FB)

Lizzie Hearts (daughter of the Queen of Hearts)

(image from on FB)

(image from

Ever After High Pics Coming out of #SDCC was originally published on Shadowbinders

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Actually Casta Fierce has the big sister mold! Thanks to Ever After High Dolls FB for the picture!

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